01.07.2016 Personal Growth

Guideposts in a Changing World

Psychologist Natalia Fidyka urges slowing down to settle our fears at a time of tumultuous change

07.07.2016 Holistic Health

Epigenetics and Healing

Psychologist Casey Terry sees great potential for the role of epigenetics in healing trauma passed down through generations

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13.07.2016 Yoga

Create Your Dreams

Jen Kaz shares her belief in the power of creative visualisation

04.07.2016 Nutrition

Love your Liver

In Dry July, Dr Cris Beer, a holistic medical practitioner, shares these tips from her book Healthy Liver on maintaining the health of this vital organ.

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01.07.2016 Astrology

Deeper Relationships

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu sees love, relationships and sexuality in focus this month

01.07.2016 Spirituality

Agents for Peace

Humanity's evolution is slowed by religions more than any other factor, claims David Arenson who challenges us to think for ourselves

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11.07.2016 Animals

Help the Helpers

A national charity that trains and provides dogs free of charge to people with disabilities is seeking your help.

01.06.2016 Nutrition

Coconut - a Healthy Fat

Jenni Madison debunks the myth that because coconut oil is a saturated fat it is bad for you in this extract from The Healthy Coconut

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14.06.2016 Environment

Environmental harm from junk food

The CSIRO estimates that junk food is one of the highest contributors to food related greenhouse gas emissions.

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Issue 262 Jul.2016 Vol.23 No.5

01.07.2016 Editorial

July 2016

As we head into July I can just hear the collective sigh of relief now that our extended election campaign is over. It was a long haul and heaven knows how Americans cope with their seemingly endless presidential race. Health care was uppermost during the campaign with calls for more money, more beds, more nurses, more doctors… Of course, it’s the time to be angling for the best deal from politicians ready to bargain but one conspicuous absence seemed to...

Having a new theme each month that brings something new into light, as well as inspiring food for thought, Marija