01.09.2016 Natural Health

Oil of the Gods

When Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine”, he would certainly have meant olive oil because it is so good for us, says Peter Dingle PhD.

07.09.2016 Relationships

Making your Relationship Stronger

When the bond with your partner starts to fray, you can save it by re-establishing the closeness you once shared, says Dr Winfried Sedhoff

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01.09.2016 Astrology

High Voltage Eclipses

Two eclipses hypercharge this coming month, says astrologer Daniel Sowelu

01.09.2016 Personal Growth

Tipping the Balance

Margaret Evans speaks with a Perth couple committed to helping others achieve their goals

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01.09.2016 Yoga

Beating Springtime Allergies

Jen Kaz suggests how to make the most of this beautiful season without sneezes and wheezes

01.09.2016 Community

Gyuto Monks return to the West

The world renowned Gyuto Monks return to Perth in October

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07.09.2016 Lifestyle

Make Your Home Asthma Healthy

As asthma season is upon us once again the National Asthma Council Australia has produced a Healthy Home Guide

01.08.2016 Our Kids

ADD/ADHD or Indigo Child?

Danielle Williams urges greater acceptance and support for the growing number of children who don’t fit the system

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07.09.2016 Consciousness

Demystifying the World of Spirit

Two renowned mediums to demystify the world of spirit at Conscious Living Expo

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Issue 264 Sep.2016 Vol.23 No.7

01.09.2016 Editorial

September 2016

It was only a few weeks ago that the Olympics lit up our screens with feats of athletic performance that thrilled us, or perhaps a little too often, left us feeling we’d just missed a golden opportunity - literally! More often than I care to admit I found myself getting a little teary as somebody rejoiced in their victory or stood off to the side, stunned at their unexpected defeat. Who can forget that numb feeling when Cate Campbell bombed...

I like it the best because it is Nurturing, Organic, Vital, Absolutely free…Mindful, Aesthetic, Gratifying, Awakening, Zen friendly, Inspiring, Nurturing, and Ethical, Celiq