03.05.2019 Nutrition

Does happiness start in the gut?

That ‘gut feeling’ is our body telling us something and it pays to listen, says Olivier LeJus

03.05.2019 Spirituality

Soul families a moveable feast

Extract from Past Lives Unveiled by Barry Eaton, Rockpool Publishing

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03.05.2019 Astrology

Expect the unexpected!

Daniel Sowelu predicts a rollercoaster ride but one graced with the earth magic of the Bull

03.05.2019 Fertility

Male infertility levels ‘alarming’

A world authority on human reproductive health is calling for a global response to an alarming decline in male fertility

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01.04.2019 Astrology

Seize the day

Make the most of the healing opportunities that come your way this month, urges Daniel Sowelu

03.05.2019 Health News

Dopamine boosts motivation in Parkinson's sufferers

Dopamine also found to benefit cognitive performance

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03.05.2019 Health News

Opioid habit risk after surgery

Hidden risk in post-surgery painkillers

01.04.2019 Holistic Health

Can Magnetic Therapy improve your health?

Andrej Kovacevic explores a treatment once popular with Cleopatra

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30.09.2018 Promotional

ECKANKAR - spiritual teaching for today

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02.02.2017 Editorial

February 2017

It’s that time of a year again when we are brought back to reality after, if we’re very lucky, a leisurely and relaxing holiday break.I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it tough getting back into work mode – and I don’t have to worry about those extra pressures of back to school or college. But I remember them well. So when a story comes along headed “Surviving the Reality Check” it seems perfectly timed to be our cover feature...

It has still maintained a very simple, easy to read format, congruent with the message that the magazine conveys. The fact that it is free in this materialist world is amazing! What a message in itself about sharing, caring, expansion and being of service, Lynni