30.09.2016 Our Kids

The Sensory Processing Dilemma of Our Age

Dr Anthony Balint, a GP working in youth mental health support, sees an emerging crisis affecting our young people

06.10.2016 Spirituality

Be Yourself

Fear and intolerance are the enemies of peace. As David Arenson suggests peace can be found when we give ourselves permission to step away

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01.10.2016 Yoga

Being on Path

Yoga teacher and practitioner Jen Kaz helps us find a sense of calm purpose

30.09.2016 Natural Health

Green spaces boost health

In an increasingly urbanised world, planning greener environments around us is more important than ever, reports Peter Dingle PhD

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30.09.2016 Eastern Healing

Boost immunity to beat hay fever

Olivier LeJus sees a role for moxibustion in treating seasonal allergies like hay fever

07.09.2016 Relationships

Making your Relationship Stronger

When the bond with your partner starts to fray, you can save it by re-establishing the closeness you once shared, says Dr Winfried Sedhoff

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Cool Spice

Ever wondered why cinnamon is so popular in hot climate countries?

01.09.2016 Spirituality

A Spiritual Bypass

David Arenson asks are we using our spiritual beliefs to help us grow – or as an escape valve?

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30.09.2016 Connections

Mongolia revealed

Mongolian culture including shamanism and the traditional yurt will be on display at the Conscious Living Expo in November

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Issue 265 Sep.2016 Vol.23 No.8

30.09.2016 Editorial

October 2016

Like many millions around the globe I’ve just subjected myself to a form of auditory torture - not loud heavy metal or being in the crowd at the MCG for a footy final. No, I mean the televised Trump-Clinton debate or more accurately slanging match where loudest and most aggressive is judged to be acceptable discourse. And like many millions, I turned off after 30 minutes because I was getting a headache! Of course, I didn’t need to succumb in...

Having a new theme each month that brings something new into light, as well as inspiring food for thought, Marija