01.05.2016 Natural Health

Understanding Inflammation

Greater awareness of the role of chronic low level inflammation in our bodies is central to warding off the epidemic of serious illness now hovering over us, says health researcher Peter Dingle PhD

01.05.2016 Spirituality

Finding our Dharma

David Arenson challenges us to rise above our sense of emptiness and discover our true purpose in life

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02.05.2016 Eastern Healing

A Life Changing Choice

Olivier Lejus describes how Oriental medicine transformed the life of a young sufferer of Tourette’s syndrome

01.05.2016 Nutrition

Healthy Eating or Orthorexia Nervosa?

When eating healthily becomes an obsession it may mean the start of a troubling disorder, says psychologist Natalia Fidyka

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01.05.2016 Astrology

Fruitful Inner Work

Five planets in retrograde means a slowing down, allowing us time to go within, says Daniel Sowelu

04.04.2016 Tai Chi/Chi Gung

Healing the Spirit

Sahaja Coventry finds deep healing in a form of Qigong practised by eight million people

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The Gift of Healing

The beauty of Reconnective Healing lies in its simplicity, says Janet Hu of The Reconnection

31.03.2016 Travel

Ancient Pathways

Miranda Munro senses a call across the centuries as she travels into the heart of the ancient Mayan civilisation

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05.04.2016 Animals

More Animals Used for Research

Australia is failing in its commitment to cut the number of animals used for research

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Issue 260 May.2016 Vol.23 No.3

01.05.2016 Editorial

May 2016

As regular readers of this magazine will know nothing is more important in our way of thinking than preventative medicine. It’s really just another way of describing the holistic approach to health and wellbeing - maintaining good physical, spiritual and emotional health rather than waiting for things to go wrong and then requiring the medical system to come to our aid. It’s what our columns every month on natural health, naturopathy, yoga, nutrition, meditation, TCM, exercise, Ayurveda and spiritual practices...

It invites me to read widely different articles of culture, health and art and healing. They educate the community and provide interesting reading materials, what is lacking is a colouring activity for children. It’s always good to know what services are available. Thank you NOVA it’s been a pleasure! Love to all your staff, Simawaynee