01.07.2016 Personal Growth

Guideposts in a Changing World

Psychologist Natalia Fidyka urges slowing down to settle our fears at a time of tumultuous change

01.07.2016 Spirituality

Agents for Peace

Humanity's evolution is slowed by religions more than any other factor, claims David Arenson who challenges us to think for ourselves

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01.07.2016 Astrology

Deeper Relationships

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu sees love, relationships and sexuality in focus this month

01.07.2016 Natural Health

Wellness at Work

Wellness programs in the workplace can more than pay their way in boosting the health and productivity of employees, says researcher Peter Dingle PhD

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01.07.2016 Eastern Healing

Treating Pain

Olivier LeJus sees great potential in combining Eastern and Western medicine systems to manage pain

06.06.2016 Promotional editorial

A Story Like No Other

Has the long-awaited World Teacher already arrived in our midst? asks Share International

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14.06.2016 Environment

Environmental harm from junk food

The CSIRO estimates that junk food is one of the highest contributors to food related greenhouse gas emissions.

01.06.2016 Natural Health

Live Longer and Happier

The message is clear - if we want to live longer, happier and healthier we need to reduce inflammation in our body. Peter Dingle PhD presents Part Two of his report on this major health risk.

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09.06.2016 Health News

Bedding debunked as main asthma trigger

New Australian research has overturned 40 year old dogma that bedding is the most important trigger for asthma symptoms.

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Issue 262 Jul.2016 Vol.23 No.5

01.07.2016 Editorial

July 2016

As we head into July I can just hear the collective sigh of relief now that our extended election campaign is over. It was a long haul and heaven knows how Americans cope with their seemingly endless presidential race. Health care was uppermost during the campaign with calls for more money, more beds, more nurses, more doctors… Of course, it’s the time to be angling for the best deal from politicians ready to bargain but one conspicuous absence seemed to...

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