03.05.2019 Nutrition

Does happiness start in the gut?

That ‘gut feeling’ is our body telling us something and it pays to listen, says Olivier LeJus

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01.04.2019 Natural Health

Protecting the prostate

Olivier Lejus explores the function and foibles of the prostate gland.

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02.06.2019 Eastern Healing

Moxibustion makes a return

Olivier LeJus reports on new hopes for TB treatment based on the ancient herb mugwort

04.03.2019 Nutrition

Progress on peanut allergy

Peanut allergies strike fear into a parent’s heart but recent trials offer hope, says Olivier LeJus

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16.12.2018 Eastern Healing

Beating the Christmas blues

Olivier LeJus offers his tips for releasing the pressure valve this festive season

(Image by Sarah Vombrack-unsplash)

04.02.2019 Nutrition

Food allergy or intolerance?

Oliver LeJus examines the confusing use of the term ‘food allergy’ and its impact on people’s lives

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01.08.2018 Nutrition

How food affects the brain

Why do we crave certain foods like chocolate? It’s all in the brain, says Olivier LeJus

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04.07.2019 Holistic Health

Down Memory Lane

Olivier Lejus explores a new approach to dealing with dementia

31.03.2018 Eastern Healing

Creating new pathways to happiness

We can beat our subconscious which often undermines our quest for happiness, says Oriental healer Olivier Lejus.

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01.06.2017 Eastern Healing

​Grief and the lungs

A recent family tragedy has confirmed for Olivier LeJus the deep connection that exists between our emotions and our health

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