29.01.2016 Energy Healing

Homegrown Sacred Healer

Jeremy Ball experiences the transformative power of a healer who has triumphed over adversity

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01.11.2015 Energy Healing

From Russia With Love

Jeremy Ball finds an encounter with Russian healing techniques deeply transforming

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01.04.2015 Energy Healing

The Gentle Healing of Reiki

Reiki is one of the most widely practised energy modalities. But, asks practitioner Lyn Craven, do we really know its strength?

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01.01.2015 Energy Healing

Unseen Energies

As we celebrate the New Year, Wendy Colgrove suggests it’s time to entertain new possibilities

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22.07.2014 Energy Healing

Colour Codes

Take care with your colour choices, says acupuncturist Olivier LeJus. It can affect your mood and perhaps much more.

01.11.2012 Energy Healing

Vitamin Qi

Energy healer Chiu Chi Wen explains why a tree is a deep draught of fresh air to the spirit.

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