30.09.2016 Astrology

Jupiter’s benevolence

Jupiter's presence this month supports our belief in a loving benevolent universe, says Daniel Sowelu

After the accelerated turbulence of September’s eclipses, it is with great relief that I am able to say to you that this month begins with the benevolent gift of a Jupiter New Moon in Libra! The huge gas giant entered the sign on September 10 after his yearlong and quite exceptional transit of Virgo. Skimming through the first 4° of Libra since, he arrives to line up beautifully with the New Moon, heralding a much better month for all of us.

As an agent of grace, luck, good fortune, positive karma, whatever superlative name you want to give him, he serves to open us up to broader horizons, greater possibilities and positive expectations.

When Jupiter is strong in us, we both give off and attract good energy, as he enhances our capacity for trust, faith and optimism and supports us to believe in a loving, benevolent universe.

In entering Libra, a particularly sweet transit as both sign and planet can bring out the best in humanity, Jupiter describes the beginning of a remediation process after an intense six months of deconstruction and fragmentation. He enhances the qualities of Libra that served to create harmony and balance to bring greater understanding and conscious awareness to many of the subtle lessons behind the incredibly significant dramas of the last months.

We are not out of the swamp just yet, as Saturn and Neptune are still in square to each other, but with a stronger Jupiter on hand, the challenges get easier and a greater trust in the flow of things emerges. Most importantly, we are better able to tease out the gifts, the lessons, the learning inherent in even the strongest and hardest of experiences.

It will also help that Saturn moves beyond the Neptune square in November, a time when we will collectively emerge from the swamp and refind some firm footing, hopefully with a more refined awareness of processes that allow us to manifest effectively in the world. It’s about getting down to business but with more heart and sensitivity.

Jupiter and Saturn are traditionally opposites and complements, the former meant to balance out some of the severity and negativity that can emerge through the latter. Both are driven by an extraordinary cosmic intelligence, however different their methods might be. Whenever Jupiter arises, there is a feeling like the cavalry is on its way, that help is at hand.

It is worthwhile noting that Jupiter and Saturn are heading towards a beneficial sextile between them which will colour late November through to February, a particularly good transit for getting real traction, creatively and professionally, in the world.

In a very broad sense, Jupiter’s passage in the next 12 months will make it a better year for Librans in general and for Libra within each of us, including a positive emphasis on relationships.

It is no news to anyone that it’s been a difficult period in the evolution of human relationships with simultaneous great challenges, necessary transformations and liberating freedom from the old.

Whatever the case in our individual experiences, Jupiter serves to ease us through necessary changes and essentially says to us, things can be better if we can trust, let go, open our hearts and go for what we know is true for us. This applies whether we need to leave a deadening situation, challenge a partner around the necessity of real change or open ourselves to the possibility of a greater love. And after all, the New Moon is about new beginnings!

It’s good to know this as it continues to be a very strong time for the unfolding of our relationships.

The goddess of marriage Juno has been travelling with the Black Moon for months now, representing a period of searing purification and potential deepening of our primary relationships. Now, the traditional goddess of love, Venus, is joining the two, adding to the intensity as well is the benefits of such a process. In this profound alchemy, the three of them form trines with both Neptune and Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces, and sextiles to a Pluto/Lilith conjunction in Capricorn.This creates awesome opportunities for refining and deepening our capacity for love, while releasing ancient psychic emotional residues that have acted as impediments in the past.

Similarly, that superb reflection of the sacred marriage, the conjunction of the Shiva and Parvati asteroids, is now conjunct the North Node of the Moon. It is a situation that upholds this vision of the inner union of the sacred masculine and feminine, as well as the possibility of experiencing it through our primary relationships. For some, this can actually coincide with meeting someone who is available for such a transformative journey but for most of us this alignment holds up this vision to us, whatever our circumstances.

Ultimately, this is an inner process that requires much healing and spiritual refinement. Yet given many of the above alignments and despite the chaos, we have incredibly auspicious support to further our journey towards these ultimate expressions of love, bliss and psychosexual freedom. Having Shiva and Parvati on the North Node reinforces that the creation of the sacred marriage is not a selfish goal but inseparable from our soul purposes and, as a collective transit, points to the potential of this being an integral part or possibility in our collective future.

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.