01.08.2016 Astrology

Sacred Marriage

One of the signature themes for the second half of 2016 is a sacred marriage, as expressed by Shiva and Parvati energy, says Daniel Sowelu

We begin this month in the dark moon phase, with the Moon in Cancer catching up to the Sun in Leo. This produces a situation where the Moon sits well with many of the other constellations, while the fire Sun struggles with all the water energy across the chart.

As for the other personal planets, Mercury is now in Virgo, Venus is in her last week in Leo and Mars is in the process of leaving Scorpio for the spacious energies of Sagittarius, something that should please most people given the Warrior’s long and grinding transit of the Scorpion’s realm.

It is a curious time for the Leo Sun and for Leos in general, as the Sun is surrounded by archetypes that call for the refinement and upliftment of relationship dynamics. On one side is the goddess Psyche who seeks to open us up to the highest expression of romantic love and even soul to soul connections. Leo will love the passion of the romance side but can struggle with the demands for deeper intimacy and sensitivity.

On the other side, we have this extraordinary tantric conjunction of the Shiva and Parvati asteroids that began last month and which travels through a number of signs for the rest of year. One of the signature themes then for the second half of 2016 is a sacred marriage, of which they are the highest expression. Shiva energy seeks to refine and empower the raw fire of the masculine, to bring it into deeper and more exalted relationship with the feminine. Parvati is the Shakti or sacred power that keeps the masculine grounded and uses her own yogic power to draw him fully into union.

This ensures then that this month is a special time for healing and deepening relationships, for inner and outer tantric practices, for opening to a greater balance between masculine and feminine and to be able to experience more of the love, joy and passion that comes from such a union, whether within oneself or with a partner.

This Sun/Psyche/ Shiva/Parvati conjunction also receives great aspects from Saturn in Sagittarius and from the healing goddess Hygeia in the sign of Libra. The former allows us to channel this passionate fire into focused and disciplined creative expression in the outer world, while the latter supports the sexual healing and spiritual openings also inherent in the conjunction. This all sounds pretty damn good!

However, the conjunction is also in hard aspect to the Black Moon in Scorpio who has been travelling with the goddess of marriage Juno during the last months. This combination puts a lot of purifying and transformative pressure on long-term relationships to see how real and valid they truly are.

A dynamic and light filled Leo Sun squaring the Black Moon is a major confrontation, where the hero must wrestle with his own darkness and rejected deep feminine. It can drag some people into states of despair and depression unless they are able to use the spiritual and therapeutic practices to move the energy.

This sounds very dramatic and for some people it will be so. But it also represents the challenge for all of us to better integrate our fire and our water energies between our conscious rational world and the reality of our emotional selves.

This challenge is also replicated in a series of inconjunctions, a tricky and conflictual aspect, between this conjunction in Leo and a conjunction of Neptune, Eros and Medusa in the hypersensitive and watery realms of Pisces. As one of my clients would say, this is where the hero has to wade through mud while dealing with slippery swamp monsters!

Certainly the egocentric masculine, while being offered amazing Shiva Shakti opportunities, will take some significant hits. However, the Cancer Moon forms fantastic aspects, grand trines in fact, with the same collection in Pisces and the Black Moon/Juno conjunction in Scorpio. On the simplest level then, this means that the more we stay in touch with our feelings and not attempt to run off with our fire, then our experience of the month could be very different.

It will still be pretty intense due to the inclusion of the dark goddesses in the brew and, because the Moon is also in opposition to Pluto, a simultaneous challenge to those parts of our emotional selves that resist real change and necessary personal transformation - or where we have a tendency to hand our power over to others. The nature of the grand trines, though, gives greater support to be able to flow with these much deeper emotional processes.

The psychospiritual dramas involving both Sun and Moon can be seen against the backdrop of a relatively new collective soul vision, one reflected by a conjunction of the North Node, the Kali asteroid and the benevolent Jupiter all in Virgo.

The vision that is offered here is one of a fuller appreciation of the Kali archetype, as a loving and fierce sacred warrior energy who is a voice for truth, freedom and the energy behind true spiritual awakening. It’s another aspect, like the similar conjunction of North Node, Hygeia and Jupiter that coloured the first six months of this year. It’s one that seeks to join the deep sacred feminine with the gracious masculine energies of Jupiter, another masculine feminine unity that wants to be built into our collective future.

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.